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ISEO Partner, Challenges Worldwide, support Solaris Kit

ISEO works with a number of partners through our steering group to offer the best support to social enterprise organisations that wish to develop their products and services in international markets.

Since 1999 Challenges Worldwide, one of our steering group partners, have worked in more than 70 countries supporting people and enterprises enabling community to have better access to goods, services and money. From 2014 they have been focusing our work on Sub-Saharan Africa, and now have Challenges offices in Ghana, Uganda, Malawi, Rwanda and Zambia.  This breadth of experience and on the ground knowledge is valuable to enterprises here in Scotland looking at these emerging markets too and we’re delighted to have them on board.

In this case study we look at how working with Challenges Worldwide has helped two ambitious businesses, Edinburgh-based CREATIVenergie and Dundee-based Solariskit, explore and overcome cultural and commercial opportunities in East Africa.



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